The Complete User's Review of Switch Earplugs

Earplugs are essential for anyone who wants to protect their hearing, enjoy better sound quality, or simply tune out unwanted noise. However, not all earplugs are created equal. Some are too bulky, uncomfortable, or ineffective. Others are too expensive, fragile, or complicated. That's why I was intrigued by the Switch earplugs from Loop, a company that claims to offer "revolutionary 3-in-1 sound control".

Switch Earplugs

Switch earplugs are designed to let you adjust the level of noise reduction depending on your environment and preference. They have a sleek mechanical dial on the outer loop of the earplug, which allows you to switch between three modes: Quiet, Experience, and Engage. Each mode has a different attenuation level, ranging from 17 to 25 dB (SNR), and a different color indicator.

I decided to give Switch earplugs a try and see if they live up to their hype. I ordered them from the official website, which offers free shipping and a 100-day money-back guarantee. They arrived in a nice package, which included the earplugs, a carrying case, a cleaning brush, and four pairs of ear tips in different sizes.


The first thing I noticed was how stylish and elegant the earplugs looked. They have a minimalist and ergonomic design, with a smooth metal loop and a soft silicone ear tip. They come in four colors: black, white, gold, and silver. I chose the white ones, which have a subtle duo-tone effect.

The second thing I noticed was how easy and intuitive they were to use. I just had to insert them into my ears, twist the dial to select the mode, and enjoy the sound. The ear tips fit snugly and comfortably in my ear canal, creating a good seal. The loop rested gently on my ear, without adding any pressure or weight. The dial was smooth and responsive, and I could feel and hear a click when I switched modes.

The third thing I noticed was how effective and versatile they were in different situations. I tested them in various scenarios, such as working at home, commuting on the subway, attending a concert, and going to a bar. Here are my impressions of each mode:

  • Quiet Mode: This mode offers the maximum noise reduction, with 25 dB (SNR) of attenuation. It is indicated by a red color on the dial. This mode is perfect for when you want to block out the world and focus on yourself. It creates a peaceful and relaxing bubble, where you can meditate, sleep, read, or study. It also helps to reduce stress, anxiety, and fatigue caused by loud noises. I used this mode when I wanted to take a nap, work on a project, or just chill at home. It was amazing how much quieter everything became, and how much more calm and refreshed I felt afterwards.
  • Experience Mode: This mode offers a moderate noise reduction, with 21 dB (SNR) of attenuation. It is indicated by a green color on the dial. This mode is ideal for when you want to enjoy music, movies, or live events, without compromising the sound quality or damaging your hearing. It reduces the volume, but preserves the clarity and fidelity of the sound. It also enhances the bass and treble, making the sound more balanced and immersive. I used this mode when I went to a concert, watched a movie, or listened to music. It was incredible how much better the sound was, and how much more I could appreciate the details and nuances of the sound.
  • Engage Mode: This mode offers the minimum noise reduction, with 17 dB (SNR) of attenuation. It is indicated by a blue color on the dial. This mode is suitable for when you want to have a conversation, interact with people, or stay aware of your surroundings. It filters out the background noise, but keeps the speech clear and intelligible. It also amplifies the high frequencies, making the speech more crisp and audible. I used this mode when I talked to my friends, family, or colleagues, or when I needed to hear announcements, alarms, or traffic. It was remarkable how much easier it was to hear and understand what people were saying, and how much more comfortable and confident I felt in social situations.

Brand:                   Loop

Colour:                 black, white, gold, and silver.

Material:             Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

Recommended uses for product Noise Protection

Size:                      1 count (Pack of 1)

The Switch earplugs exceeded my expectations in every way. They are not only stylish and comfortable, but also effective and versatile. They let me control the sound in any situation, and enjoy the best of both worlds: silence and sound. They are also durable, reusable, and planet-friendly, unlike disposable foam earplugs. They come with a 2-year warranty, which covers any defects or malfunctions.

The only drawback I can think of is the price, which is $59.95. This might seem a bit high for some people, especially compared to other earplugs on the market. However, I think it is justified, considering the quality and performance of the product. You are basically getting three earplugs in one, which can last for years. Plus, you are protecting your hearing health, which is invaluable. If you want to buy Loop Earplugs at a lower price, you can use Loop Earplugs Discount Code, which can give you discounts of up to 50% off. You can find the latest Loop Earplugs Discount Codes on various websites, such as AllOverCoupon, CouponsRack, or DealsandSale. You can also sign up for Loop Earplugs' email newsletter and get an instant 10% off select items.

The Switch earplugs have a patented acoustic filter technology, which reduces the sound pressure level without distorting the sound quality. The filter consists of a metal mesh, a membrane, and a vent, which work together to create a balanced and natural sound experience.

  • The Switch earplugs are compatible with most devices that have a 3.5mm audio jack, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and music players. You can use them with your favorite headphones, earphones, or speakers, and enjoy the sound without compromising your hearing health.
  • The Switch earplugs are easy to clean and maintain, thanks to the included cleaning brush and the removable ear tips. You can wash the ear tips with warm water and soap, and gently brush the filter with the cleaning brush. You can also replace the ear tips with new ones when they wear out or lose their shape.
  • The Switch earplugs have received positive reviews from customers and experts alike, who praised their design, functionality, and performance. You can read some of the testimonials and ratings on the official website or on Amazon. You can also watch some of the videos and articles that feature the Switch earplugs, such as this one.


Earplugs are an essential item for anyone who wants to protect their hearing or block out unwanted noise. Loop Switch is a popular brand that offers a range of earplugs for different needs. In this review, we will take a closer look at the Loop Switch earplugs and see how they perform.

Design and Comfort

One of the first things you notice about Loop Switch earplugs is their unique design. They are shaped like a loop, which makes them easy to insert and remove from your ears. They are also made from soft silicone material that is comfortable to wear for extended periods. The earplugs come in three sizes – small, medium, and large, which ensures a good fit for most people.

Noise Reduction and Sound Quality

Loop Switch earplugs, equipped with cutting-edge technology, aim to diminish noise levels by as much as 25 decibels. This renders them perfect for various settings, including concerts, sporting events, or construction sites, where noise can be overwhelming. What sets these earplugs apart is their unique filter, enabling you to engage in conversations and appreciate music while effectively attenuating detrimental noise. With these accessories, you can relish events without compromising your hearing. Plus, take advantage of exclusive Accessories Promotional Codes for added savings on Loop Switch earplugs.

Ease of Use

The Loop Switch earplugs are incredibly easy to use. The loop design makes insertion and removal a breeze, and the silicone material ensures a comfortable fit. They also come with a handy storage case that makes them easy to transport and keep clean.


Overall, the Loop Switch earplugs are a great choice for anyone who wants to protect their hearing or block out unwanted noise. They are comfortable, easy to use, and provide excellent noise reduction without sacrificing sound quality. Whether you are attending a concert, sleeping in a noisy environment, or working in a loud environment, the Loop Switch earplugs are a reliable and effective solution.


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