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Short History of the Halloween:
It is about two thousand years ago, when the certain area of Western Europe is occupied by tribes called “Celts”. According to them their calendar starts from the months of November, and there 31st of October was a day that their harvesting and summer season ends and the dark and extreme weather of winter had goanna start. Usually during this period i.e. the end of summer and beginning of winter season, Death rate increased. So they believe that on the mentioned day, the Souls of the Dead came to them and may cause troubles to them and damage to their crops. To make themselves safe they celebrate the “Samhain”, in which they performed bonfires, wore inhuman designed costumes and done many other things. After many decades, when this region was influenced by Christianity, then this festival was also Christianized by early Churches. Then the resembled festival with ancient Celtics’ ““Samhain”, begin by name Halloween. Because In 1st November the Christians celebrate the All Saints’ Day, for the remembrance and honor to martyrs, saints and Christian faith peoples. Halloween is also known as “Hallowe’en”, “All Hallow’s Eve, or “All Saints’ Eve”.
Here we tried to summarized the history of Halloween, so it is possible that either we forgot some important points about that and also may happened that there may you found any historical inaccuracy, So we will very warm welcome to receive correction from you.

What People do in Halloween (Halloween Eve Celebration):
Halloween is being celebrated in the most of the Countries on different Continents, especially in Europe and United States of America. Usually People celebrate this festival by wearing some unique costumes that designed like the dressing of Angles, Saints and Devils. Many Interesting activities have done in this festival like watching horror movies, attending Halloween costumes parties, lighting Bonfires, etc.  An Interesting game called “Trick-or-Track”, people especially children are playing in Halloween; In which they reach door to door and ask “Trick-or-Track”, which means if they (House Owners)  give any gifts to the asked Children or they will get any naughty action by these children. There are some special traditional foods made on this event but varies from countries to countries. So here we name the some of the Halloween foods in different countries like Soul Cakes, Potato Pancakes, Halloween themed Cakes, Caramel Apples, and Bonfire Toffee, etc.
Halloween is now become the most popular festival and celebrated on not only Christian Countries but in Non-Christian Countries as well.

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