International Charity Day

International Day of Charity; Support those Whom are Needed

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Supporting the Needed People is always praised by every Religion in this world. To give Charity mean you are helping those who deserve your support to rise themselves and gain ability to support others. International Day of Charity is reminding us to get aware about needed people in Our Society, in Our Country and Entire World.

Charity; a Continual Virtue:

Charity is a continual virtue because your charity makes the poor one capable to support other and the other one could able to help next needed one and so on. And undoubtedly you would be the Source one like as candle lighted by other burning candle.  Everyone can engage with charity through any status he or she have. Charity is not only financial support but also all means of support. A Doctor who make treatment at affordable range for everyone, it is charity. A teacher, Student, or from any Profession you belong, you can participate in all your matching charity works. Your Help to needed one may not only give you an internal pleasure but also left a good impact on the needed one.

Supporting the Refuges:
In this modern age different mode of Charity work gives many easy ways to supporting others. Many refuges those are migrated from their countries due to in war situation, and have faced lots of difficulties and troubles. Yes many International Charity Organizations trying to console them but it is not enough. You can also contribute with these kinds of Organizations.

Ethical responsibility to Developed Countries:
Now if we look in a wide range around the world, then It we saw many countries that are involved in low Economical and Social Crisis, then it become a ethical responsibility to Developed Countries to Support them that they get a bit strength to solve their trouble and run towards prosperity.

In short, Charity mean to give a strength to deserving people that they could able to support other and in a result there would a bit diminish occur in poverty, is this not a success for us.

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