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International Youth Day; Awakening towards Our Duty for the Cream of the Generation!

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Everything has a essential part of its organism, like without the small piece of human flesh called ‘Heart’ or having any defect on it and in the resultant no importance of whole human body, in the same way Any Country or Kingdom have largest population but there is lack of youth, that’s mean it is the sign of dead for that Country or Kingdom. The aforementioned way of preamble is just used to give a short overview about essentiality of youth generation in any place. Youth is the age of strength, of ability, of creativity, of bravery, of highly ambitious about life, of highly passions, and every productive thing this age have, these productive qualities have not taken a minute to turn into destruction; How? This can possibly happen only through when someone turning them from right path i.e. misguiding or directing them towards evil. International Youth Day isn’t an ordinary day to celebrate it as usual!

Our Duty for Our Youth:

It is the day of identifying and recognizing the youth as a cream of generation, after that trying to knowing their primary issues about education, about future guidance, about employment, other lots of problem, then preparing them for their Beliefs, for their Country, for their Parents, and for whole World. Then you have to reveal their potential ignition, that light to the World. They are our tomorrow’s Destiny, so we must have to care our Youth as much as we can. And all of these things not possible in day or days, weeks, months, years, or  even decades; then why this day is being celebrated?
The actual purpose of celebrating Youth day is to reminding ourselves once again for the duty of our destiny preparation.
This thing to be remember if you ignore your youth today, then tomorrow your tears and weeping have no importance when they  choose the way of fire (i.e. every wrong way) that not burn themselves but will also burn down every beautiful aspects of the future!
And on the contrary, your every possible effort whether it is very little lead them to the Gateway to Success!
Care your youth and future will care you!

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