Top 5 Gas Mask Filters for Protection Against Chemicals

Gas masks and filters can help keep people safe from toxins, gases, and other hazardous materials. They essentially filter out particles with fine screens that are typically less than one micron wide.

These are important for anyone who may have to work in a dangerous environment or survive a CBRN event. The best gas mask filters for protection against chemicals are:

DOTPro 320

The DOTPro is an ideal filter for anyone looking to protect against chemicals. These filters can filter a variety of chemicals, including common airborne threats such as tear gas and pepper spray. They are also able to filter chemical weapons such as nerve, blister, blood, and riot control agents. In addition to their ability to protect against a variety of different chemicals, these filters can offer protection for up to twelve hours.

The canisters that these filters come in are compact and easy to store, making them the perfect choice for any emergency preparedness kit. Additionally, the canisters have a 7.5-year shelf life, which means that you can stock up on these filters over time and have them ready for whenever you need them.

Another benefit of these filters is that they are rated for use with any CBRN respirator. They are also able to protect against a variety of chemicals, including organic gas vapors and acid gases. In addition, the canisters are also designed to be easy to clean, making them the ideal choice for any scenario.

The DOTPro is a great choice for anyone who is on a budget or looking to purchase filters for a large group. These filters can protect against a wide range of chemicals, including biological, radiological, and nuclear threats. In addition, the canisters are incredibly compact and lightweight, which makes them easy to store in your emergency preparedness kit, and considering Accessories Promo Code can make them even more budget-friendly.

Mira NBC-77 SOF

If you’re a first responder on the front lines, or simply a cautious citizen preparing for the worst-case scenario, this military-grade filter from MIRA Safety is a bulwark of resilience. It’s rated to work with all 40mm NATO threads and masks and offers active protection against chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear agents. It’s even able to defend against crowd control chemicals like CN, CS, and OC gas, as well as mace and pepper spray.

Each NBC-77 SOF undergoes rigorous testing for factors like gas concentration and breakthrough time to ensure exceptional performance. This is thanks to high-performance filter components, smoke resistance, and a robust filter canister design. The NBC-77 SOF is also designed with a 20-year shelf life, so you can trust it to be ready for any situation that arises.

MIRA’s NBC-77 SOF filters are the preferred choice for many customers, due to their quality construction and reliability. This is especially true for those who are preparing for a CBRN attack. Customers have commented on the fact that this particular filter provides great protection against a variety of chemicals, including radioactive iodine, which sets it apart from the rest of its competition.

While there are many CBRN filters available for your specialized needs, most are not as reliable or affordable as the NBC-77 SOF. That's because most are regulated by NIOSH standards and must be used with a specific mask. These NIOSH-approved filters tend to be more expensive but are worth the investment if you need to rely on your gear during a crisis. On the other hand, civilian-ready NATO filters offer more flexibility and can be purchased for a much lower price, and you can explore MIRA Safety Coupon Codes for potential savings on these filters.

Supergum Israeli Filter

Unlike some cheaply made gas masks, this CBRN filter from Israeli maker Supergum is built for the high standards of military use. It can withstand biological substances and particles up to 0.3 microns, making it a top choice for those who want to stay safe in case of an emergency. The filter connects to NATO 40mm threads, so it will fit most common US and Israeli military-style masks.

It also has a voice diaphragm and drinking tube, which makes it more useful than a simple mask for CBRN emergencies. The Israeli military issued this mask to its own citizens, so it has a good track record of durability and performance. It also fits kids, making it a great option for family survival kits.

However, since its production ended in 1990, it’s difficult to find a reliable one on the market today. Older models may be expired or filled with asbestos, and they won’t protect against newer chemical weapons like sarin or venomous agent X (VX). In addition, their rubber seals can degrade over time.

If you do come across a used GP-5, make sure to check its expiration date and the condition of its filters before buying it. You should only buy a gas mask with NATO-compatible 40 mm filters from reputable vendors. Look for a company that caters to workplace safety, and you’ll be more likely to get the best quality and service.

A good quality gas mask can help you survive a wide range of disasters, from nuclear radiation and fallout to smoke inhalation. With climate change causing a global pandemic and California’s wildfires causing deadly blazes, having a gas mask prepared for any situation is essential for survival.

Drager 40mm CBRN Filter

If you’re looking for a good CBRN filter, it doesn’t get much better than the Drager 40mm. It’s a well-known name in the respirator industry and provides excellent protection against gases, vapors, particles, and most chemicals. The housing is also very well-built and durable. It has standard 40mm NATO threads so it can be used with almost any mask. It’s rated for six years for gas and combination filters, and twelve years for particle filtration.

Aside from the obvious NBC capabilities, it’s also rated for nerve agents, blister agents, blood agents, and riot control chemicals. As far as I know, this is the most complete filter set available for the price, and it’s worth checking out if you’re shopping around.

Choosing the best NBC or CBRN filter for your bug-out bag isn’t easy. There are so many different factors to consider, including rubber type and thickness, lens type and thickness, airflow design, canister type, and more. But if you’re willing to invest in a quality mask and filter, the benefits will outweigh any potential drawbacks.

While it’s tempting to save a few bucks and grab a surplus Israeli filter, it’s always best to stick with NIOSH-certified models. Unless the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health certifies the entire mask as an integrated unit, you can’t really be sure what standards it meets. And if the mask isn’t NIOSH certified, likely, it’s not even properly sealed, or at least not sealable with a regular medical mask.

Similarly, I’d avoid anything that doesn’t have a visible expiration date. It’s important to know how long your filter has been unused so that you can estimate how often it will need replacing. If you’re not sure how old it is, you can always look up the model number or other details online.

ABS 40mm Filter

The ABS 40mm Filter is one of the best filters to purchase for protection against chemicals. It is designed to fit in any mask that has 40 mm filter threads. It offers protection against a wide variety of chemicals including toxic gases, low-boiling organic substances, tear-producing and irritating chemicals, dangerous microorganisms, NOx, carbon monoxide, and other airborne particulates.

The chemical-resistant filter features a special blend of carbon and other materials that can capture toxins before they enter the respiratory tract. It is also designed to adsorb rather than absorb, allowing it to neutralize a wide variety of chemicals and other volatile compounds. This allows the filter to remain effective even in harsh environments or when exposed to high concentrations of chemicals.

This filter is available in a range of color options for easy identification and it has a label on the outside with information about the filter. It also has a SZOT MTKI number which is used to identify the filter as a Szakszervezetek Orszagos Tanacsa, Munkavedelmi Tdomanyos Kutato Intezet (National Council of Labor Unions, Occupational Safety Research Institute) product. This means that the filter has been tested in Hungary for compliance with the STANAG 4155 EN148-1 standard.

Purchasing the right gas mask filter is essential for protecting against chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear defense threats. While you can find low-quality Israeli surplus filters online and at gun shows, it is recommended that you stick to NATO-approved filters from established manufacturers. These will have legible expiration dates printed on them, which makes it easier to keep track of when they should be replaced. By staying away from these low-quality filters, you will ensure that you have the best protection against chemical threats possible.


Protecting oneself from chemical exposure is paramount, and using a gas mask with a reliable filter is essential. The top 5 gas mask filters for protection against chemicals are the MIRA Safety CBRN Gas Mask Filter NBC-77 SOF, Avon Protection FM53 Multi-role Protective Mask with +Avon MP-PAPR, Israeli NBC Gas Mask Filter Nato Specifications, Mestel Safety 40mm NBC Respirator Filter and SGE 400/3 Gas Mask Filter. Choosing the right filter depends on specific needs, but all of these options are effective in filtering out harmful chemicals.



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