Which Are Better Loop Or Calmer Earplugs

Noise isn’t just distracting, it can be distressing or even painful for people with sound sensitivity. Flare Calmer brings triggering sounds down to manageable levels without bafflement or loss of fidelity.

The soft, reusable silicone ear plugs reduce volume by up to 18 decibels while preserving sound clarity. They are also available in kids' sizes to help children avoid overstimulation and focus in everyday life.


Unlike the plug-and-play foam variants out there or mold-it-yourself silicon alternatives that look like something from NASA’s test tube, Loop’s earplugs are made of soft silicone and come in small, medium, and large options. The circular end allows for easy insertion and removal, and the inside features a patented acoustic channel that buffers sound without making it muffled. They also come with a range of rubber earbuds for a consistent seal and a nifty, compact carry case.

The company’s ethos is to build stylish, comfortable, and effective earplugs that are more than just a medical necessity. And with their latest models, they’ve delivered in spades. Their Calmer earplugs, designed for those with sound sensitivities (like misophonia, hyperacusis, autism, and ADHD), are engineered to dampen alarming frequencies that can trigger stress or make people feel overwhelmed or irritable, but without muffling any other sounds.

In tests, they’ve been shown to reduce the volume of noises up to 85 decibels, which is enough to be damaging for your ears but not loud enough that you can’t still hear yourself think. And they’re remarkably comfortable compared to other earplugs that aren’t specifically designed for your ears.

Their other earplugs, the Experience and Quiet, are both designed to mimic the ear’s natural function and have a light level of noise reduction (both offer an NRR of 18 decibels). And both feature a ‘Mute’ add-on that can boost sound damping by 5 decibels.

All of their earplugs are available in a variety of colors and even have limited edition and seasonal variations rolling on and off their website. Plus, they’re super easy to clean. Just wipe away any waxy build-up with a cleaning wipe or Kleenex and they’re good to go again.

But it’s their child-friendly earplugs that have made the biggest splash, helping parents and children avoid overstimulation by blocking out distracting background noise. They’re tried and tested for their ability to help little ones concentrate and feel less frazzled by the jumble of excited voices, chatter, and excited squeals in the playground or everyday street noise like traffic, car alarms, and emergency sirens.


Unlike most standard foam or wax earplugs that muffle sounds and reduce their fidelity, Loop models preserve environmental sound while filtering it down to a safer level. They reduce the volume by about 18 dB and offer high-quality noise reduction without sacrificing speech intelligibility. Their design consists of an acoustic channel, filter, and membrane that helps to prevent acoustic feedback. They also come with a pair of flexible silicone tips designed to fit most ear canals. These reusable earplugs are super comfortable to wear for long periods and can be cleaned easily.

Their unique shape helps them to fit in the ear canal so they’re not bulky or uncomfortable like other ear plugs. They also look more stylish than bright orange pieces of foam sticking out of your ears! They are a bit more expensive than other noise-reducing earplugs, but they’re worth it for people who enjoy concerts or other loud events. They’re also a great option for people with auditory sensitivity, which can be triggered by things such as noise-induced stress or hyperacusis.

The acoustic filter allows you to hear important warnings or music at a safe level, and the transparent body shows you when they’re in place so you don’t forget about them. They’re available in several color combinations to match your style. If you need more protection than the basic model, consider the Experience or Quiet variants that provide an additional 5 dB of noise reduction on demand. You can also purchase the Mute add-on to increase the reduction by another 5 dB for even more protection at high volumes.

Unlike other earplugs, Loop doesn’t have a noise reduction rating (NRR). Instead, they use a more subjective system called SNR (signal-to-noise ratio), which accounts for different ear sizes and hearing sensitivity. Other earplug brands do use NRR ratings, though they aren’t as consistent across manufacturers or as accurate as the SNR system used by Loop. This is why we recommend checking out the SNR and NRR of a specific earplug before buying it. The chart below will give you a general idea of how effective a particular earplug is at blocking out sound, but it’s best to read the detailed descriptions and comparisons on a manufacturer’s website.


Marketed as a lifestyle choice as much as an earplug, Loop’s soft, reusable silicone earplugs feature an acoustic channel with a sound-damping mesh of varying thicknesses. The Quiet variety offers medium noise reduction, decreasing external sounds by about 27 decibels (think the level of a normal conversation or restaurant). This helps block out outside noise but still allows you to hear important things, like your alarm in the morning and people calling out to you in a raised voice. Their website, designed a bit like a fashion store, helps you choose the right pair based on where and when you’ll wear them – for sleeping or at a gig, for example.

While it would be fantastic if passive earplugs could offer a flat frequency response, reducing all sounds equally and in a natural way, the reality is that the laws of physics simply won’t let them. The attenuation (or decrease in sound) curve is often biased towards reducing the higher frequencies, so the sound they produce can be a little sizzle and unnatural.

But despite these caveats, many people who use them claim they get a great night’s sleep and feel more alert throughout the day. They also seem to have a good side effect: some say they help ease anxiety and depression, too.

Although I couldn’t test these claims, or indeed the earplugs themselves in a laboratory, the fact is that some people do seem to have life-changing benefits from using them regularly – and if you’re a side-sleeper, you may find they’re especially helpful for that.

The earplugs themselves are comfortable to wear all night, with a soft silicon material that molds to the shape of your ears. They’re not as secure as some of the other options I tested, but they are easy to insert and remove if needed. And they’re cheap enough that you might want to grab a few pairs for regular use.

The earplugs also come with a small case and a set of removable silicone ear tips in four different sizes, so you can easily adjust them to fit your ear canal. And they're hypoallergenic, so they should be gentle on your skin and easy to clean. When you're considering these earplugs or other hearing protection options, don't forget to look for the latest Loop earplugs discount code to save on your purchase and ensure your hearing protection is both effective and cost-effective.


While Loop Quiet and Engage both reduce noise levels by a similar degree, the latter has been specifically designed to make it easier for users to carry on conversations. This means they filter out some frequencies that can interfere with speech clarity but allow users to hear other sounds like music and environmental noise. This makes them ideal for those with a sensory processing disorder who need to take a break from overstimulation in social settings and people who find it difficult to focus in noisy environments.

To achieve this, the earplugs feature a ‘hooped’ section that sits within the ear canal and forms part of their sound reduction system. In addition to providing a stylish design, this allows the earplugs to be gripped in the palm of your hand and moved around your ear. This is especially useful when wearing them while doing activities where a hands-free solution is needed, such as biking or driving.

To ensure the earplugs fit comfortably, they come with silicone ear tips in four sizes to guarantee a snug and comfortable fit. They also include a handy carrying case to keep the earplugs safe when not in use. Kids' versions are available as well, and they each come with a set of four different-sized thermo-shaping foam ear tips to adapt to the varying shapes of children’s ears.

Both the Engage and Experience sets offer 18 dB of noise reduction thanks to their unique design that incorporates a square acoustic channel capped by a membrane and a mesh filter. They are available in both a standard version and a mute add-on which reduces the level of noise by another 5 dB.

Although the earplugs haven't been lab-tested, both Davies and Jeremie Voix were able to test the sound levels using their headphones and found them to work as advertised. They both agreed that the Vibes were a little more effective, however and offered a better overall frequency response. Despite this, the earplugs are still highly recommended for those looking to block out loud noises without sacrificing the quality of sound. When you're considering these earplugs or other hearing protection options, be sure to search for the latest Accessories Voucher Codes to save on your purchase and enjoy effective hearing protection with added savings.


both Loop and Calmer earplugs have their advantages and disadvantages. Loop earplugs offer superior noise reduction and customizable fit, while Calmer earplugs provide a more natural sound experience and are designed to reduce stress and anxiety. Ultimately, the choice between these two brands will depend on your personal preferences and specific needs. Consider your priorities and try both options to determine which one works best for you


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