Why Loop Earplugs Should Be Your New Best Friend

Whether you’re at a concert, drinking cocktails on a patio, or doing your best off-key rendition of a ’90s banger at karaoke, Loop has you covered. Their essential earplugs offer noise reduction without sacrificing sound quality.

They also have a cool aesthetic—they kind of look like Klingon jewelry with their circular design that fits snugly between your antitragus and concha.


Unlike other earplugs that often look more like fashion accessories than hearing protectors, Loop’s unique design offers style and function. Their torus, or doughnut-shaped body, helps reduce occlusion while their filters allow sound through evenly and preserve sound quality across frequencies.

They can protect your ears from loud noises that can cause permanent damage if exposed for prolonged periods, such as concerts, power tools, and motorcycling. They’re also great for helping you focus or manage sensory overload.

Their Quiet and Experience sets come with silicon tips in four sizes to ensure a snug fit, and the Mute add-on allows you to control how much sound you’d like to filter out. I tested the Mute and found it worked as advertised, offering increased attenuation in the higher frequency ranges. All in a stylish, easy-to-store package.


Unlike the foam or rubber earplugs you might associate with the doctor’s office, Loop is soft and comfortable enough to wear for hours. It’s also small and lightweight, making it easy to carry around without taking up too much space in your bag.

It’s also easy to pop in and out of your ears, something that can be difficult with other earplugs that require a certain amount of skill. To insert the plugs, you pull back on the middle of the earlobe, slide the tip into your ear canal, and twist it to secure it in the concha (you’ll know it’s in the right spot when it sits flush with the outermost part of your ear).

A hollow acoustic channel built into the “loop” portion of the earplug mimics the function of your ear canal and improves sound quality. This feature helps reduce overstimulation and is particularly useful for people with ADHD or sensory processing issues.


If you’re using earplugs to prevent noise-induced hearing loss, they must do their job and do it well. Unlike traditional earplugs that tend to reduce all sounds and frequencies equally, Loop’s filters cut noise levels by 18 to 27 decibels, preserving music and voice quality.

That’s enough to keep your ears from ringing the day after a concert or club night but still allows you to hear your friend lean over and ask if you want another tequila soda. Many of their fans also use them for focus and sensory management, citing their ability to dampen the overstimulation associated with autism or ADHD.

And as far as looks go, they’re infinitely sleeker than a bright orange tuft of foam sticking out of your ear. Plus, they come with a zippered carrying case that’s small enough to fit in your smallest pocket.


Unlike other reusable earplugs that put attenuation over sound quality, Loop’s models preserve audio fidelity by using an acoustic channel with a filter that reduces volume evenly across frequencies. This allows listeners to hear their favorite music, as well as warning sounds and conversation nearby.

High school friends Maarten Bodewes and Dimitri O co-founded Loop in 2016 after experiencing ringing in their ears after concerts, clubs, and other nightlife events. They realized that they needed ear protection, but existing products were either uncomfortable or blocked out too much sound.

Each earplug has a 3D-printed circular acoustic chamber that fits inside the ear canal. From there, sound waves move through a hollow channel that has a quarter wavelength resonance similar to your ear canal and a filter that lowers noise by 18 to 27 decibels. Each pair of Loop Quiet or Experience earplugs includes silicon tips and four sizes of thermo-shaping memory foam to guarantee a snug fit.

Easy to Use

The earplugs feature a 3D-printed acoustic channel that imitates the function of the human ear canal. The channel then passes through a filter that reduces the volume evenly across frequencies.

This means that environmental sounds, like voices and music, are preserved while the blaring of engines, motorcycles, or crowd noise is reduced. They’re also safe to wear during a dinner at a restaurant, cocktails on a patio, or several rounds of off-key renditions of '90s bangers at karaoke.

Thanks to the circular loop incorporated into the Loop Earplugs design, they offer easy insertion and removal. To use them, you merely position them between your antitragus and concha, which marks a significant improvement over the traditional bright orange foam versions that often protrude from your ears or require tweezers for removal. Moreover, these earplugs remain securely in place even while riding a bike, even when wearing a helmet, ensuring your hearing protection is hassle-free. Don't forget to use your Loop Earplugs Coupons for added savings when you make your purchase.

Easy to Clean

The earplugs are lightweight, sit well in the concha of your ears, and come in a variety of discreet or vibrant colors that can add a stylish flair depending on how you wear them. They also come with a few different sizes of foam and silicone ear tips so you can find the ones that fit your ear holes best.

Loop Quiet and the new Experience offer 18 dB of noise reduction through a square acoustic channel that preserves fidelity, unlike many other earplugs that muffle sounds and make them sound flat. Additionally, Loop offers Mute add-ons for both models that can increase their acoustic coverage by 5 dB.

Earplugs can be lifesavers when you’re trying to get work done in an open office or if your neighbor’s barking keeps you awake at night. But if you want to make sure your hearing is protected, it’s important to clean your earplugs regularly.

Easy to Store

When not in use, Loop earplugs fold flat and fit easily into their small carry case. They even have a clip that makes it easy to attach them to your purse or backpack.

The acoustic channel in the ear plug mimics your inner ear, and the filter reduces noise by about 20 decibels while preserving the fidelity of the sounds you hear. That means you can enjoy a concert or night out without ringing ears the next day.

For those who might need a little more sound dampening, the earplugs come with an additional Mute fitting that increases noise reduction by 5 decibels. But overall, the earplugs are effective for protecting your hearing in a variety of situations while still allowing you to hear important sounds like warnings or sonic alerts. And they're super stylish, too!

Easy to Clean

Aside from their sleek matte finish, Loop Earplugs look like some kind of ear jewelry. They're shaped to form a ring around the ear canal and, when in, they do look like something you could wear on a necklace or a keychain.

They're the ultimate sidekick for anyone who needs to work, study, or ride a motorcycle without damaging their ears. Unlike barbed-style plugs, Loop Earplugs block out distracting sounds and still allow you to hear your environment and communicate with others.

Their noise-filtering technology combines a square acoustic channel capped with a membrane and mesh filter to reduce sound by up to 18 decibels, all while preserving the frequency response. Each pair also comes with removable silicone ear tips in four different sizes to ensure the perfect fit and comfort. The Quiet and Experience models also have add-ons (like Loop Mutes) for even more noise reduction.

Easy to Wash

While other earplugs block out all sound or muffle some frequencies more than others, Loop's torus-shaped body filters sound even so that voices and music are still clear and audible. And they come with multiple silicone tips to achieve a comfortable fit based on your ear shape.

They’re perfect for anyone who needs to silence distracting sounds, from a crowded restaurant or bar to the roar of a stadium. And they’re particularly useful for people with autism or ADHD who experience sensory overload from everyday sounds.

When you make use of the Loop Earplugs coupon code, you'll discover that each pair includes 4 sets of silicon ear tips in 4 different sizes, allowing you to customize your experience based on your unique ear size and shape. These earplugs are not only versatile but also easy to clean, ensuring you can reuse them multiple times. As a stylish and convenient alternative to the traditional foam earplugs you may have been using for years, they offer both fashion and functionality. So, don't miss the opportunity to save with your Accessories Promo Code when you make your purchase. 


Loop earplugs are a must-have for anyone looking for a reliable and comfortable solution to noise reduction. With their unique design, high-quality materials, and impressive noise-reduction capabilities, Loop earplugs offer numerous benefits to their users. Whether you're a frequent traveler, a musician, or simply looking for a better night's sleep, Loop earplugs are the perfect choice for anyone seeking peace. So why not give them a try and see for yourself why they should be your new best friend?


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