16 Fun Art and Crafts Activities for Kids and Adults to Try Today

Art activities are great for kids because they help improve their motor skills, problem-solving capabilities, and patience. They also increase concentration and give them a boost of self-esteem.

There are tons of fun art and crafts for kids to try, from painting and stamping to finger painting and mosaic treasure tiles. These 16 easy arts and crafts are sure to get your children excited about art and creative expression!

Painter’s Tape Wall Art

Painter’s tape is a simple tool that can be used to make intricate designs that will brighten up an interior wall.

If you’re planning to paint a wall, it’s important to pick the right type of tape for your project. Its width, strength, and timeframe should be taken into account.

Easy Canvas Prints Coupon Code will help you avoid a drab and messy painting job. And it will save you money in the long run by preventing drips and paint splatters from leaving sticky residue on your walls.

Painter’s Tiles

However, it is important to protect your paint job with a waterproofing sealant.

The best way to do this is by using the right paint and primer. The right paint can withstand the elements and make your tile look good for years to come.

3-D Crepe Paper Balls

Crepe paper is a medium-sized paper that can be used to make many different types of projects. You can even adorn your walls with some of these paper masterpieces. The best part is that you'll probably have more than enough left over to try your hand at a few more. This activity is sure to be a hit with the whole family.

Sun Tiles

Tiles are a beautiful and versatile way to decorate your walls. They add a modern flare without being overpowering and can complement any decor.

Kids love to play with them, and they also teach kids about mixing colors. These sun-themed tiles are fun to create and will look great in your home! Try them out with your kids today! You won’t regret it!

Painter’s Tape Collage

The painter’s tape aka masking tape is a fantastic medium for stimulating fine motor skills, visual-motor development, and even core strength. It’s also an excellent way to keep students organized while avoiding the need for scissors.

A fun Arts and Crafts Discount Code activity are using painter’s tape to create a colorful collage. You can add a variety of colors and shapes to make this project pop!

Paper Flowers

Paper flowers are easy to make and a perfect way to brighten up your home. They can be made in a variety of colors and are perfect for any occasion from weddings to baby showers.

Before crepe paper flowers came around, people used to create models of plants using crumpled pieces of tissue. These models were so detailed that they could even be compared to the real thing!

Paper Tube Wreath

This cute and easy paper tube wreath is a great project for kids to make. They can practice fine motor skills while making this craft, and it’s also a great way to use up old toilet paper tubes!

This shabby chic coffee filter flower wreath is a lovely addition to your home! The peony flower design is delicate, yet pretty, and will complement a vintage or shabby chic decor.


Birdhouses are not only fun to build, but they are also a great way to attract birds to your yard. They also provide a habitat for certain species, like woodpeckers and tree swallows.

However, choosing a birdhouse that meets the needs of birds is important. There are a lot of cute and colorful painted birdhouses out there, but they may not be functional.

Glass Beads

A glass bead is a solid sphere of glass made from colored silica (sand quartz), lime, and soda or potash. They are used in various industrial applications.

Beads are typically created by winding molten glass around a mandrel. Then the resulting beads are cut and shaped.

Paper Tube Flower Wreath

If you have some paper tubes laying around, try this simple flower wreath to add a bit of spring to your home. It is an easy project for kids to make and it will look great hanging up on a wall or giving as a gift!

To create this paper tube flower wreath, cut a toilet paper tube into sections and press them flat. This will make it easier to roll the flowers into petals.


There are a variety of fun art and craft activities that both kids and adults can enjoy. Some ideas include painting, paper mache, jewelry making, and origami. These activities can be a great way to unwind and tap into your creativity. So why not try a new art or craft project today?



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