Protect Your Home With the Top-rated Alarm Systems of 2023

Our top pick is Ring's security kit because it balances performance and connectivity. It comes with a standard touchscreen panel and plenty of sensors. Plus, it includes a cellular backup to keep your system online even during a power outage.


This build-your-own system offers a wide range of sensors and add-ons, but the key components are a wireless base station and a key fob with an integrated display. (An optional 105-decibel siren is also available.) It's designed to withstand tampering and features simultaneous cellular and WiFi connections for backup.

If you choose a plan with monitoring, a SimpliSafe agent at the center will call 911 if one of its alarms is triggered and open a live feed to see what's going on, even if you aren't home. You can also get a security camera that snaps a picture and notifies you of a potential break-in — this feature requires an additional subscription, though.

SimpliSafe offers plans starting at $0.99 per day, a third less than Vivint and a fifth of Ring's price tag. There are no contracts, and you can cancel Interactive Monitoring anytime. All equipment comes with a three-year warranty, and you can contact the company for help troubleshooting hardware or connectivity issues. You can even set up a duress code on the keypad to disarm the system without using the app if someone is trying to break into your house. You can also add sensors to Secret Alert mode to notify when they're tripped but not trigger the alarm.

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Vivint's equipment is more focused on home security than home automation, and that focus makes it an excellent choice for homeowners looking to prevent break-ins. The system includes an intelligent hub that supports WiFi and Z-Wave, a 7-inch touchscreen control panel, an alarm siren and 100dB backup battery, and a cellular connection to keep the system online even when the power goes out (the cameras still need WiFi).

Vivint offers three alarm settings: Disarmed, Armed (staying), and Armed (leaving), and the smart hub has a dedicated app and voice assistant integration for centralized access. The company also has outdoor and indoor intelligent security cameras, doorbells, and smart locks that connect directly to the hub. They offer 1080p, 4K HDR video, night vision, and 3X HD zooming capabilities. They use on-device AI features and person detection to limit false alerts and deliver a more personalized response.

Unlike other smart home systems, Vivint lets users create custom mobile alerts for their sensors and cameras and automate specific actions with its app. That's a nice feature, but more advanced than the routines and automation that can be set up with Google Assistant or Alexa.

SimpliSafe Haven

SimpliSafe is one of the cheapest home security companies and offers no-contract, cancel-anytime monitoring plans. It also provides a range of customizable equipment, including indoor and outdoor cameras and environmental sensors for smoke, carbon monoxide, freezing temperatures, water leaks, and more. It works with Amazon Echo and Google Home.

The company's approach to DIY home security has been a success for many customers, and it's easy to add devices to your system. All systems feature a keypad, entry sensor, and motion sensor. They can monitor your property from anywhere, and you can check in on things like your kids or pets with an indoor camera with a reliable wired connection.

The SimpliSafe Haven package features a base station, wireless keypad, door and window sensor, and motion detector. It also includes an indoor and outdoor camera with a wide-angle lens covering large areas. It is the best choice for homeowners who want to get alerts about break-ins and keep track of what's happening in their homes when they're away. The system also has a cellular backup, so it'll still work even if your WiFi goes down. It's also an excellent option for renters because you can easily pack the system up when you move without a contract or transfer fee.

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Ring is a company that makes smart doorbells, security cameras, and home safety equipment that all connect to your mobile phone and WiFi. Its name comes from the idea of a "ring" of security around your home. Unlike traditional security systems that are hardwired into your house, all Ring devices connect to your phone and can be controlled through an app.

The app lets you see who's at your door, answer it with two-way talk, and record footage. You can receive alerts when someone is nearby using the camera's motion detection. You can adjust the detection frequency and auto video recording length to help save battery life.

While Ring has been in the news lately because it partners with police departments to use users' footage, it is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to watch what goes on around their home. Plus, the app makes it easy to mute doorbell rings and motion alerts that aren't important to you.

Ring offers a Pro level for $20 per month that provides 24/7 professional monitoring and includes cellular backup in case your internet or WiFi connection goes down. The company also made privacy updates in early 2020, including a new privacy dashboard and two-factor authentication required for all new accounts.


The company that made the Ring Alarm isn't best known for its home security systems, but Abode offers a wide range of sensors and equipment, including smoke alarms, keypads, and doorbell cameras. The Abode app gives you complete visibility and control of your system, and the desktop website is easy to navigate. In addition to self-monitoring via the app, you can also pay a fee for 24/7 professional monitoring. Abode's Pro plan also comes with cellular backup, which makes it easier for your system to work during a power outage.

Abode is one of the few security systems that supports Apple HomeKit, and it works well with other smart devices such as smart speakers, smart locks, smart thermostats, and others. Its starter kit includes a mini door/window sensor, a key fob, and a built-in 93dB siren. You can add on a few other sensors like glass break and motion detectors, a doorbell camera, and a water leak sensor.

The app is intuitive and easy to use, but we didn't love that Abode's alerts can be too intrusive. The signals can be triggered by movement or even when someone's 

iSmartAlarm iSA3

iSmartAlarm has been making door and window sensors, cameras, locks, and base units that connect to your home security system through the internet for many years. Unfortunately, one of the company's security flaws left their equipment open to hacking, meaning a criminal can now enter your house. iSmartAlarm has patched the flaw, but those who already have their system in place will need to update the firmware to remain secure.

The equipment is all wireless and comes with ion lithium backup batteries. It is also iPhone and Android smartphone enabled to arm, monitor, and control your security equipment on the go. The app notifies designated members in real-time of activity on the system and can be accessed from anywhere worldwide.

A key feature that sets this system apart from others is its ability to detect when someone enters the house and can notify you of it via voice command with Amazon Alexa. It can even tell you the exact sensor that was triggered. However, it's a self-monitored system, so if there is an alarm, it will only alert you and not call the police or fire department.

SkylinkNet SK-200

The SkylinkNet alarm system is a do-it-yourself wireless security system that connects to your home WiFi. Its starter kit has a hub, motion sensor, and door/window sensor that can be added to other plug-in sensors and cameras (all sold separately). There are no contracts or monthly fees.

This system is one of the cheapest DIY systems available. The hub has a backup battery and supports smart-home devices like connected light switches and thermostats. You can control everything remotely via the free iOS app. It even includes a geo-fencing feature, which can automatically disarm the system when you cross a preset perimeter around your home.

The app offers a variety of customizable options, including separate modes for "away" and "home." You can also set up a countdown for leaving the house, which will sound an increasingly urgent beep as you prepare. This is a great way to help keep kids and pets safe when you're not home. The system also has limited hooks to other smart-home ecosystems, though many IFTTT recipes feel like SkylinkNet's functions should be built in. The included motion sensor has a 110-degree detection angle and adjustable sensitivity, a nice extra for families with pets.


Protecting your home is crucial, and the top-rated alarm systems 2023 provide an excellent solution to ensure the safety of your loved ones and your belongings. With advanced technology and features, these alarm systems offer peace of mind, round-the-clock surveillance, and quick emergency response. Invest in the best alarm system to secure your home and enjoy a worry-free life.


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