Top 10 Most Popular Toys of the Decade A Look Back

Toys have been a part of our lives for generations. This list looks back at the top toys that changed the world, a decade at a time.

Cabbage Patch Kids were a hit for many kids in the 1980s. They were so popular that there were fights in stores as parents tried to get their hands on them.

Cabbage Patch Kids

If you were growing up in the '80s or '90s, you probably had a Cabbage Patch Kid. These dolls are a classic, and still popular today with many collectors around the world holding on to their original ones from that period. If you are looking for affordable toys then check out the Drop Promo Code.

These soft sculptured dolls were designed by Xavier Roberts, who combined his interest in sculpture and the quilting skills his mother had taught him. He used a German fabric technique called needle molding to create his one-of-a-kind creations. He then took them to arts and crafts shows, where they quickly caught the attention of Coleco, who bought the rights and mass-produced the toys.

In 1983, Cabbage Patch Kids became a Christmas craze. Parents were desperate to 'adopt' a new Kid for their children and would fight over them. There were 'Cabbage Patch riots' in the US when product shortages caused the price of these dolls to skyrocket.

The origins of these dolls are not fully understood, but they seem to have a mystical connection to cabbages. It is said that a whimsical bee pollinates a patch of cabbage and a child's Cabbage Patch Kid is born.

According to the brand's website, the Cabbage Patch Kid was created in 1976 by a young art student from Georgia named Xavier Roberts. He combined his artistic talent with the quilting skills he had learned from his mother to create a line of soft sculptured baby dolls.

The dolls were created by Xavier Roberts using a German fabric technique called "needle molding" and were first sold at arts and crafts shows. Roberts later renovated an old medical facility in Cleveland, Georgia, to turn it into a store that was made to look like a birthing and adoption center for the Cabbage Patch Kid. This store, which was called "BabyLand General Hospital," was a hit with young girls and spawned a craze that lasted for decades.


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Razor Scooters

Scooters are a great way for kids to get around and are fun for them and their parents. They also don’t have to worry about paying for gas when they ride them because they’re powered by rechargeable batteries.

Razor is one of the top brands in scooters, and their electric models have been popular for a while. Founded in 2000, the company is known for its commitment to innovation and quality.

They’ve created a variety of kick scooters for children and adults, including a few that are electric. They’re available in many colors and are easy to ride.

These electric scooters are great for kids who want a quick way to get around town. They’re fast, safe, and don’t make any noise.

Games and Toys Coupon Code is a great option for younger kids who are transitioning from a kick scooter to an electric one. It’s easy to operate, travels at a safe speed, and offers Razor’s great quality at an affordable price.

Its 8.5-inch airless front tire provides a smooth ride, but the lack of suspension and rigid tires means that bumps transferred up through the scooter can be uncomfortable for riders on uneven sidewalks or rough terrain.

Another great feature is the pressure-sensitive foot-operated rear wheel brake, which slows down the scooter gradually as the rider stops. It’s a simple but effective way to stop the scooter, but you have to learn how to use it properly and it doesn’t come with a lot of advanced braking features.

Razor has made a name for itself as the maker of kick scooters, but they’re looking to take that name into an entirely new market. They’re launching a Kickstarter campaign to build a new line of adult scooters, and they’re hoping to be shipping them by 2022.


The Bratz brand, originally launched by MGA in 2001, introduced the world to Cloe, Sasha, Yasmin, and Jade – a group of fashion-forward girlfriends who were all about setting trends and expressing their personalities. Their dolls were a hit among children, establishing a reputation for edgy, yet realistic style.

While the original Bratz dolls were praised by parents and feminists for their sexy appearance, they also drew criticism from some. Critics argued that the dolls' ballooned heads, dramatic eye makeup, and suggestive clothing could negatively affect young girls' self-esteem and body image.

Despite this, the brand continued to thrive in the 2000s and remains popular with adolescent girls. The brand's iconic 10-inch dolls, whose large heads and big eyes were a huge draw, are still available today and come with a variety of playsets that depict them having fun in different scenes.

In addition to the dolls, there are also a variety of accessories and shoes that can be purchased separately. Some of the best-known Bratz playsets include selfie snap photo booths, spa and hair studios, smoothie lounges, sushi bars, karaoke sets, and more.

One of the biggest trends in fashion is a "Bratz aesthetic." This includes pin tops, which are similar to the ones worn by the dolls. The trend has been particularly popular in the last few years, as it is a stylish and bold way to express your style.

Bratz has been a recurring theme in pop culture, as their fashion-forward clothing often inspired other designers to create new outfits. For example, Cult Gaia designer Bella McFadden regularly posts pictures of herself in Bratz-inspired dresses on Instagram, where she has a huge following. She is also responsible for some of the latest Bratz-inspired trends, including the pin top.

American Girl Doll

In 1986, Pleasant Rowland, a schoolteacher, and children's publisher, came up with an idea that would make a big splash in toy retail: dolls from various eras of American history. Her creations would be sold exclusively through catalogs, and they'd come with their book series and historically accurate accessories.

Today, American Girl dolls have become a beloved childhood companion to girls around the world. Their stories focus on coming-of-age experiences and encourage kids to chase their dreams, embrace new challenges, and forge friendships.

They also have an award-winning advice book that offers tips from experts. Their historical dolls, which take kids through the American Revolution and slavery eras, help them learn about important events in American history from a young female perspective.

Their historical characters are often based on real people from the eras they represent. Kaya, a Nez Perce in 1764, or Kit, a 1930s Native American girl, for example, are outfitted with authentic clothes from their eras.

Many of these characters have open-book personalities, which means that kids can create their own stories for them to tell. They're also designed to look like the child who owns them, so it's easy for kids to see themselves reflected in them.

Most American Girl dolls have straight or curly hair in a variety of colors, including blonde, brown, black, and red. Their hair is typically made from top-quality Kanekalon fibers.

Some of these dolls have special abilities or disabilities, such as Saige, who is blind and uses a wheelchair, or Joss, who has a hearing impairment and is a cheerleader. These dolls are praised for their empathetic portrayals of disabilities and their ability to show kids that even people with disabilities can pursue their dreams.


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