12 Easy Steps to Upgrade Your Everyday Makeup Look

It doesn’t take much to make your everyday makeup look different. It could be as simple as changing up the way you apply products or introducing one or two new products to your arsenal.

The key to an easy makeup look is having a few essential products on hand at all times. These include a foundation or base product made for your skin type, concealer to brighten up, smudge-proof eyeliner, and mascara to give you length and volume.

Cleanse and Moisturize

Cleansing your face is an essential part of every skincare routine. It helps to remove dirt, impurities, and makeup from the surface of your skin so that your other products can have maximum effect. If you are looking for affordable beauty products then check out the Beauty Care Choices Discount Code.

A good cleanser should be gentle on the skin and not irritate it. It should also not leave your skin feeling tight and dry afterward.

Always remember to thoroughly rinse your face after cleansing and dry it gently with a soft towel. Do not blot or rub your face as this can damage the skin and make it dull.

If you want to keep your skin healthy and hydrated, apply a light moisturizer after cleaning it. A hydrating moisturizer will seal in the water that your facial cleanser removed from your skin, preventing it from evaporating.


Primer is a key beauty product that's applied on the face before applying foundation and concealer to create a smooth base that helps makeup stay put all day long. It also can provide a range of benefits like skin smoothing, SPF, blurring pores, color correcting, and more.

Makeup primers come in a wide variety of formulas with different ingredients, weights, and textures that work well for each type of skin. It's important to choose a hydrating, silicone-based formula that won't clog your pores or cause breakouts if you have oily skin.

Apply the primer using a damp sponge or your fingers and dab it under your eyes and all over your face. It's best to use only a thin layer, about the size of a pea. Avoid over-applying as this can lead to a clumpy or patchy look.


When it comes to applying makeup, the foundation is the base that creates a canvas for all of your other products to shine on. It's a key ingredient that can make or break your look, so it's important to choose the right one!

Whether you opt for a liquid, powder, or gel formula, your foundation should be skin-loving and come in shades that match your natural tone. Many brands also have a numbering system that will help you find your best match.

To get the best coverage, start by using a foundation brush and gently dab a small amount onto your face. This way, it won't be so heavy on your skin, and you can blend out any areas that may look too cakey.


Blush is a beauty staple that can be used to lift and enhance your natural skin tone, boosting a beautiful glow. It can also be paired with bronzer and highlighter to add a pop of color to the face.

Choosing the right blush formula is crucial for your skin type. For oily skin, stick to powder formulas that offer buildable coverage, whereas cream and liquid blushes may be more suitable for dry complexions.

Apply liquid blush with a makeup sponge or brush, starting at the apple of your cheeks and blending up towards your temples to create a more natural flush. It’s best to start with a small amount and add more color as needed, as too much blush can make you look clownish.


The most important tool in your makeup arsenal, eyeliner can change the look of your whole face. But getting it right can be tricky, especially if you’re new to this beauty essential.

For starters, it’s important to practice your technique. Over time, you’ll learn how to hold your wand steady and create evenly-spaced lines.

Next, you’ll need to know what type of eyeliner works best for your needs. Here are three options:

Pencil eyeliner is mess-free and can be used to build a range of different looks, from feathery wings to a sleek tight line. Many pencil eyeliners also work well as an everyday touch-up. If you want to save huge money then check out the Health and Beauty Coupon Codes


The brow is an important facial feature that enhances your overall appearance. They help frame your eyes and give you a fuller look, while also adding depth to the face.

There are several ways to apply Eyebrows, but it depends on the desired look. According to a brow expert, pens are best for achieving a more natural and structured shape while powders are great for creating the illusion of volume and fullness.

Once you’ve shaped your brows, concealer is the perfect finishing touch to get them looking flawless. Just make sure to use a shade that’s one shade lighter than your skin tone so that it blends while highlighting the area above and below your brows.


Lipstick is one of the most fun and creative products in the makeup game. From nudes to whacky options like pink, yellow and green, lipstick has become a symbol of self-expression that’s as versatile as it is iconic.

To apply lipstick, start with a clean face and use a small lip brush to swipe the color on the perimeters of your lips. Then, if you have liquid lipstick, you can use the applicator to directly apply the product onto your lips.

A little bit of prep, moisturization, and a firm base will help your favorite lipstick last all day and keep it looking fresh! We’ve also got a couple of quick hacks to make your application even easier:

Eyebrow Pencil

A great eyebrow pencil can change the shape of your brows and give them more definition. But it's important to choose the right one for your brow type, too.

If you have sparse brows, consider an angled pencil that creates hair-like strokes for fullness and volume. Alternatively, find a thicker-tipped pencil that fills in gaps and creates more of a shaded-in look.

If your brows are too dark or too light, a concealer can help brighten them up. Pick a concealer that's about a shade lighter than your natural skin tone for the best coverage and texture.

Eyebrow Gel

Eyebrows are often overlooked when it comes to makeup, but they play a huge role in how your face appears. Thick, thin, dark, or sparse eyebrows can completely change your look.

That's why it's important to find a product that can give your brows the shape you want, and that works well with your natural hair. That's where brow gel comes in.

Brow gels are a simple but effective way to instantly tint and shape your brows, keeping them neatly groomed for the whole day. Some come in tinted forms to replace pencils and powders, while others offer waterproof results that can last for up to 48 hours.

Eyebrow Powder

Your eyebrows are a great place to get creative with your makeup routine. You can achieve a variety of looks from faux fluffy brows to ombre brows with the right tools.

The right shade of brow powder can help you achieve the perfect sculpted brow. It should complement your hair color and provide a soft finish to your brows, making them appear natural.

It's also important to use a powder with the right blending and application technique. Start by drawing thin hair-like strokes with an angled brush, then comb it into the shape of your brows.

You can also use a spoolie to comb the powder into your brows and set it with an eyebrow gel for a softer look. This will make the powder last longer and keep it looking fresh throughout the day.


The 12 easy steps provided can help you upgrade your everyday makeup look. By following these steps, you can enhance your natural beauty and create a polished, effortless look. Remember to always practice good skincare habits and use quality products for the best results.



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