Bass Fishing Gear: Must-Have Equipment for Every Angler

Bass fishing equipment comes in all shapes and sizes. But if you want to consistently catch big bass, there are some essential tools every angler needs.

A pair of pliers is a must for removing hooks from fish. It’s also useful for bending and cutting wires and changing split rings.

Rod and Reel

Bass is a strong, heavy fish that will put a serious strain on even the best rod and reel. Buying a combo saves time shopping around for incompatible components and makes the whole process easier for newcomers.

Look for a fiberglass or graphite composite rod that's durable, lightweight, and sensitive enough to feel bites and lure movement. Choose a medium to the heavy powered rod that matches up with a reel with a smooth and reliable drag.


All of the lures hanging on the tackle store shelf will catch bass under certain conditions, but there are a few bass fishing bait styles that every angler should have in their arsenal. These include jigs, spoons, soft plastics, and topwater plugs.

Jigs can be flipped, cast, or trolled and imitate everything from worms to lizards to crawfish. They’re versatile, inexpensive, and highly effective.

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Bass are heavy, smart fish that require skill and the right equipment to land. To do this effectively, you’ll need lures.

Stick baits like the original Senko or newer versions like the BioSpawn ExoStick Pro are an essential part of any serious bass arsenal. They imitate a wounded baitfish and trigger arm-rocking strikes. Likewise, jigs that imitate crawfish, bream, or shad are effective in many lakes.


A bass fishing line is a critical piece of gear. It needs to be thick enough to handle a big fish and able to hold the hook.

The braided line is strong and nearly invisible in the water. It’s a great choice for bass anglers using heavier covers and dirty water. It can be used as backers and leaders with mono or fluorocarbon.


Leader lines are a must-have for bass fishing as they’re what connect your lure to your hook. They need to be abrasion resistant and able to absorb the shock of fighting a fish. They also need to be able to stretch so you can feel smaller bites.

Leaders are most commonly made from monofilament or fluorocarbon. They are also available in different colors and densities to make your bait appear more natural in the water.

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Bass fishing is a very versatile type of fishing that requires multiple types of hooks to be effective. However, there are some basic hooks that every bass angler should have in their arsenal.

Weighted screw lock hooks like this Hayabusa hook are designed for thick-bodied lures such as large swimbaits. The hooks have a wide gap design and are weighted to stay upright.

Needle Nose Pliers

One of the most important tools an angler can use is a good pair of needle nose pliers. These pliers are specifically designed to grip hooks and remove them from fish.

They include a split-ring opener and a side cutter for cutting through the line. Unlike traditional pliers that usually have cutters in their base, these pliers have them mounted on the side for a more comfortable grip.


A simple accessory that can make your life easier while fishing is a good pair of scissors. You can cut bait, re-tie knots, and more with this handy tool. Look for a pair that can cut through a braided line without fraying it.

You will also want to find a set that is corrosion-resistant as constant exposure to saltwater can corrode the metal.

Net Retractors

A good net retractor is essential for many reasons. Its u-shaped design allows you to easily scoop up fish, and its durable materials are designed for a long lifespan.

Its clear rubber mesh is especially fish-friendly, reducing harm during catch and release and making it ideal for anglers who prioritize ethical fishing practices.

The YVLEEN folding net also features a long handle, making it easy to reach a bass from a boat.


A quality fishing scale/grip is a must-have for any bass angler. Having one can make the difference between keeping and culling a fish.

Adding new hard baits to your tackle box can also be important. Some examples include crankbaits, spinnerbaits, and topwater lures. A weedless finesse worm Texas rigged is a good option for aggressive bass. Having a jig eye cleaner is also an important tool for removing paint from the eyes of your lures.

Fluorocarbon Line

One of the first investments most bass anglers make is in the fluorocarbon line. It is stiffer than nylon monofilament and offers superior sensitivity and invisibility to fish in murky or clear water conditions. It is also abrasion resistant and works well with flipping and pitching techniques that require a short distance between your bait and the bottom.

Fluorocarbon’s tightly packed molecules transfer energy much more efficiently than monofilament and other superliners, and the lack of stretch results in better hook sets. It is also waterproof and resists the sun’s harsh UV rays that cause standard nylon lines to weaken over time. This line is also less visible than other lines, making it a good choice for crankbaits and jigs fished in dense cover. It is also an ideal leader material when paired with a low-stretch braided line or mono.

Braided Line

Braided lines offer anglers the ability to load more lines onto their reels, cast further, and use heavier lines without sacrificing fish-fighting strength. They also transmit vibrations and bites more effectively due to their no-stretch characteristics.

The latest braids are abrasion resistant, able to cut through thick weeds, and submerged structure bass love to hang out around. They also offer superior performance in most scenarios, often in conjunction with a mono or fluorocarbon top shot or leader to reduce the visibility of the braid main line.

The latest PowerPro products are woven with 16 ultra-thin, high-density strands to provide exceptional tensile and knot strength. Some are hollow-core to make a 100%, knotless connection between the braid and your mono or fluorocarbon leader. This enables a strong, secure hookup when using topwater lures like walking or popper-style baits.

Fish Hooks

Bass fishing is a lot of fun, but it can be hard on your gear. Having the right fish hooks in your tackle box will help you to keep your lures and baits hooked.

Standard straight shank hooks are great for a wide range of applications while curved and offset hooks are designed for specific situations. Some anglers believe that a curved or offset hook allows the hook to "meander" in a bass' mouth during the hook set and improves hook penetration.

Weedless hooks have a thin guard that closes over the point to prevent your line from getting caught in weeds and other vegetation common to bass lakes. They also allow for a finesse presentation when using larger worms or other chunkier plastic baits.


Beyond the basic fly rod, line, and flies, there are some important accessories that every angler should have. Having the right equipment will make your fishing experience much more enjoyable and efficient.

For example, a tying tool like the Ty-Rite is ideal for holding small patterns while you tie them onto your line. Similar in size and feel to a pen, when you press the button, a thin hook extends from the back to securely hold the fly and allow you to tie a quick improved clinch knot.

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Weigh Scale/Grip

If you are serious about bass fishing, then a quality fish scale is essential. It must be durable, easy to use, and able to stand up to saltwater.

You should look for a scale that can measure accurately, and one that has a comfortable grip to prevent hand pain when using it. You should also choose a scale that can easily store multiple weights and has an LCD.

If you’re looking for a no-fail option, then spring scales are good choices, and many of them can reach up to 100 pounds or more. You can also opt for digital scales, which read down to the ounce and are ideal for tournament competitions. However, make sure you remove the batteries before storing your scale for long periods.


All of the lures hanging on the tackle store shelf will catch bass under certain conditions, but there are a few bass fishing bait styles that every angler should have in their arsenal. Bass fishing is a very versatile type of fishing that requires multiple types of hooks to be effective. Braided lines offer anglers the ability to load more lines onto their reels, cast further, and use heavier lines without sacrificing fish-fighting strength.


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