The Best Tactical Gear for Maximum Performance

If you're a law enforcement officer, firefighter, or EMS tech, then you need the right tactical gear to get the job done. It should fit your body, offer purpose-driven and durable performance, and be easy to clean and maintain when you're working shift after shift.

A good tactical vest stores your essential gear and helps protect you from ballistic attacks or stab wounds. There are several kinds of tactical vests, including mobile harness battle belts and bullet-shielding plate carriers.

UF PRO Tactical Pants

Tactical pants are among the most coveted pieces of tactical gear on the market and for good reason. They're designed for tough environments and are incredibly durable while offering a wide range of features to maximize performance.

These pants are the perfect choice for hunters, hikers, and law enforcement officers. They're crafted from a blend of polyester and cotton to provide extreme durability, while also adding breathability to keep you cool when it's hot outside.

In addition, many top tactical pants come with gusseted crotch pockets for added mobility and reinforced belt loops to prevent the pant from coming off your waist as you work. There are also hidden pockets, cargo pockets, and knife pockets to keep your valuables safe while you're out on the hunt or patrolling.

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They also offer a breathable fabric and ventilation zippers for maximum comfort. Plus, they're made with a high percentage of polycotton ripstop for durability.

UF PRO is one of the best-known tactical brands, with a long history of manufacturing some of the most comfortable and durable pants on the market. Its pants are renowned for their functionality, reliability, and anatomically fitted knee pads.

UF PRO's Striker HT Combat Pants are built for maximum performance, featuring an airflow system, knee protection, and mesh-lined openings to keep you cool in hot climates. They also easily connect to other tactical gear, like duty belts, battle belts, and boots through their boot loops.

UF PRO Tactical Shirts

UF PRO Tactical Shirts offer superb protection for your arms in all weather conditions. They feature fast-drying materials that efficiently protect your elbows and allow you to regulate your body temperature. Moreover, these shirts are highly functional, offering a high storage capacity and reliable elbow protection.

In contrast to popular brands that focus on tactical gear exclusively for those with professional-based needs, UF PRO's line of shirts is designed with civilians in mind. They feature detachable UF PRO air/Pac (r) shoulder inserts to evenly distribute weight.

The shirts also include large upper arm pockets for quick access to your important gear. They feature a vertical zipper 16 centimeters high, making them ideal for carrying maps, notebooks and stationery, gloves, tourniquets, and other small items that you may need to access quickly.

Another great design feature is the stand-up collar for neck protection. This design allows you to avoid the risk of injuring your neck when using a firearm.

The shirts also feature anatomically shaped elbow pockets that perfectly fit UF PRO Flex-Elbow Pads. They also have perforated inserts made of a combination of polyester and Merino wool, which is well known for its fast drying and evaporation properties. This is especially the case for the underarms area, which often suffers from a lot of sweating. Moreover, the material is very resistant to biological decay and unpleasant odors.

UF PRO Tactical Jackets

If you’re looking for the best tactical gear to keep you performing at your best, look no further than UF PRO Tactical Jackets. They’re made with the latest technologies, designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, and built to last for years to come.

Tactical jackets are a critical piece of your tactical gear arsenal, so you need one that fits well and is comfortable to wear. Some of the most important criteria to look for include storage space, breathable thermal insulation, and reliable shielding against harsh weather conditions.

UF PRO has a great selection of tactical jackets to choose from, including their Delta ComPac and Delta AcE Plus Gen.3.

The Delta ComPac winter jacket fuses a wind- and water-resistant face fabric with a lightweight thermal-insulation liner that works even in wet conditions. The lining is made of G-Loft, an extremely compressible material that recovers quickly and does not compromise warmth insulation.

This incredibly light jacket also features a patented air/Pac (r) insert system that helps support the shoulder and back area to alleviate strain on your shoulders and prevent cold air from getting transferred to your body. This can help you stay more focused on your mission, which is exactly what you need in the field.

UF PRO’s Stealth Smock is another highly versatile jacket that comes in a variety of different shells. It’s made of tough polyester for its outer shell, durable nylon on the overlays, and a Polyester Tech Fleece inside the inner jacket, which adds extra insulation to your gear. Its pocket configuration is modular, which means you can maximize your storage capacity with each shell.

UF PRO Tactical Caps & Hats

UF PRO offers a variety of tactical caps and hats that are designed for the specific needs of the military, law enforcement agencies, and shooters. These are designed to stand up to the wear and tear that can be associated with these types of environments and include features like built-in earbuds, a hat strap to keep your head warm, a cool sweatband to combat the heat, and a pocket for storing small items.

Among the more impressive are the UF PRO Striker Gen. 2 Boonie Hat and the UF PRO Watch Cap (which is a t-shirt). The Striker Boonie has many of the features we have already mentioned including a brim that can be molded to fit your head and a cool sweatband. The hat is also equipped with a nice feature that most hats aren’t, an ingenious mesh pocket on the inside of the hat for small and flat objects.

The hat also features some very clever design choices, the main one being the ability to adjust your brim length using an intuitive secure toggle in the back of the hat. It’s also got an adjustable chin cord that prevents the hat from getting lost.

Unlike other hats that are simply styrofoam balls with a band, the UF Pro Watch Cap is made from a Schoeller(r) CLIMAYARN(r) fabric that is both thermal and moisture-wicking. It’s also a very comfortable piece of gear that can easily be worn in many situations, especially when combined with other tactical garments from UF PRO.

UF PRO Elbow Pads & Knee Pads

UF PRO Elbow Pads & Knee Pads combine reliability with excellent wear comfort without strapping. Their multidimensional shape fits perfectly into the anatomical contours of your knees. They are easy to forget you’re wearing them, but when you need them they give you the protection you need for maximum performance.

The IMPACT version absorbs the energy of falls or blunt force directed at your knees, while the CUSHION version employs a unique material that gives you superior comfort while kneeling. They’re superb light (truly 71g/pad) and require no periodic readjustment with greater cords.

In addition to knee pads, UF PRO also makes elbow pads for activities where you need superb cushioning for your arms. These pads don’t require any extra strapping in place, simply insert them into the front pocket of your pants and you’re ready to go.

If you’re going on a mission where there’s a high risk of knee injuries, a quality pair of tactical knee pads are a must. For most operators, this means a solid pad that is flexible enough to offer penetration resistance against sharp objects like rocks in green zones or glass pieces in urban areas, but tough enough for comfort and durability.

UF PRO Tactical Gloves

Whether you’re looking for the best tactical gear for your next shootout, or simply want to protect your hands while you work, you need the right gloves. UF PRO offers a range of tactical gloves that are designed for different types of activity.

The best tactical gloves are the ones that offer a good balance of dexterity and protection for your hands. They should also be breathable to keep your fingers cool and dry while you work outdoors.

Tactical gloves come in a variety of materials, including synthetic leather, kevlar, neoprene, and nylon. Some have hard knuckles for impact protection, while others are designed to be lightweight and easy to wear.

When choosing a glove, it’s important to consider several factors, including fit, material, and design. These factors will all affect your level of comfort and performance.

First, you need to find a glove that fits your hand snugly but not tight. This is especially important for smaller hands.

You should also choose a glove that is comfortable to wear for long hours. This will help prevent blood constriction and reduce the risk of injury.

UF PRO offers a variety of gloves for your tactical needs, with fingerless options available as well. Besides offering excellent protection for your hands, these gloves also feature a touchscreen-compatible design.

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UF PRO Tactical Shirts offer superb protection for your arms in all weather conditions. If you’re looking for the best tactical gear to keep you performing at your best, look no further than UF PRO Tactical Jackets. UF PRO Tactical Caps & Hats UF PRO offers a variety of tactical caps and hats that are designed for the specific needs of the military, law enforcement agencies, and shooters.


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