How to Choose the Right Rod and Reel for Panfish Fishing

Anglers who target panfish enjoy a simple, yet highly rewarding fishing experience. A worm or small plastic lure fished under a bobber is often all that is needed.

Whether using live bait or artificial lures, selecting the right rod and reel is crucial to a successful outing. Choosing the right combination will ensure that anglers feel every subtle bite and easily set the hook.


Length is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a rod for panfish fishing. Longer rods make it easier to get baits into shallow water and cast long distances, and they also allow anglers to better manage their lines when fighting small fish.

Whether you're tossing a tiny Maribou jig under a slip bobber or a hard bait like a buzz bait, this 6-foot rod from Duck Commander will perform perfectly.

Made from premium graphite, this lightweight rod will let you feel every bump and nibble of a panfish. The action is fast enough to provide sensitivity but cushioned for a smooth hookset. It's a great choice for any angler who wants to get into pan fishing without spending a fortune. This rod's quality rivals many premium models from other manufacturers.


When selecting the best panfish rod, it is important to consider power. Power describes how much force is required to bend a rod, and together with action, tells you a lot about how the rod will perform. For example, a big fish fighting hard in thick cover will require a powerful rod to overcome the resistance. But a panfish will likely not put your line to the test, so a lighter power rod is recommended.

Fast action rods are stiff for most of their length, and only begin to flex near the tip when under load. This allows anglers to feel light bites and set the hook with a gentle action.


Panfish behavior varies throughout the ice fishing season and they require an equally varied selection of baits. Some anglers prefer the sensitivity of longer rods while others favor the increased control offered by shorter models.

Rod action refers to the amount of bend a rod will experience under pressure. Fast actions are stiff for much of their length and only begin to curve near the tip, while moderate and slow action rods flex over a larger percentage of their overall length.

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St. Croix’s budget-friendly Panfish Series includes an ultralight model with moderate action. It’s sensitive enough to feel light jig strikes and strong enough to fight tough panfish, while the action also helps cushion hooksets. This rod is comfortable to hold, thanks to its handle, which is crafted from cork.


The material a rod is made from is important for panfish, as they can't put the same level of strain on a line as a big bass would. Graphite is a great material for panfish because it's strong and sensitive. It's also less expensive than fiberglass and can be just as durable.

A fiberglass rod isn't as good for panfish, but it's still a quality option. Fiberglass is thicker than graphite and doesn't bend as well, but it can be just as tough and reliable.

A reel is also necessary for panfish fishing. It's important to choose a reel that matches the size of the rod, as mismatched pairs can cause issues with balance and performance. A lightweight spinning reel is ideal for chasing panfish.


While panfish fishing can be done with just about any reel, a quality model that is specifically designed for the type of bait and technique will help ensure a smooth, accurate cast. Panfish reels typically feature a large gear ratio to make it easier to retrieve lures.

In addition, the type of water will influence reel choice. For example, a thick, heavy cover might require a stronger rod to get your lure out of the snag. Clear, open water might call for a light-powered rod to allow the fish to see your bait.

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Shorter rods are also useful, particularly if pinpoint accuracy is important for you. A short rod also helps minimize line coils and lure spin when jigging or trolling. It is easy to get overwhelmed by all the options in panfish rods and reels. But, by considering the seven factors above, you can narrow your choices and select the perfect rod for your next panfish adventure.


Length is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a rod for panfish fishing. Power describes how much force is required to bend a rod, and together with action, tells you a lot about how the rod will perform.


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