The Perfect Gas Hot Water System for Your Camping Adventures

If you’re looking for the perfect gas-hot water system for your camping adventures, look no further! Our approach is easy to use, compact, and provides hot water whenever needed. Ideal for camping, hiking, or any outdoor activity, our hot water system is designed to make your life easier and more comfortable. Don't settle for less, get the perfect gas hot water system today!

Eccotemp L10

Eccotemp’s L10 portable propane tankless water heater is a reliable choice for camping, especially in areas that don’t have electrical power available. It uses battery power to start the device and then propane gas to heat the water, so you can have a hot shower even if you’re miles from civilization. The device is compact enough to fit into a small storage space, and it’s easy to carry with you. It’s also designed with standardized fittings and feeds so that you can use it in different scenarios.

The L10 is a great option for camping, hunting lodges, base camps, lake homes and cabins, potting sheds, horse trailers and barns, and more. It can be used at elevations up to 5,000 feet, and it can be hooked up to a garden hose or a propane cylinder using the regulator and hose that are included with the unit. It’s also capable of heating up to 2.65 gallons per minute.

Unlike many other propane water heaters, the L10 comes with an electronic ignition that is powered by two “D” cell batteries. This makes it much easier to operate than other models, and it has a manual gas and water flow adjustment so that you can get the exact amount of water that you need.

The L10 also comes with a shower head and hose, as well as a gas hose and regulator. This means that you can set up the system and use it right away, and it’s also convenient to take with you on camping trips or other outdoor activities. In addition to this, the company offers real, appointment-based dedicated support and educated technical support that can help you with your questions and concerns.

Coleman H2Oasis

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This is a very lightweight system that’s easy to carry and sets up quickly. You get up to 150 liters of hot water from one Coleman Lightweight LPG gas bottle. It features a Lithium-Ion battery that reduces weight, increases performance, and charges faster than other batteries. It also has an LED indicator light that shows you the status of your tank and can be used as an alternate direct feed power source when not connected to a propane supply.

It uses technology similar to that found in your home water heater to dispense hot water instantly, which is a huge benefit for camping. All you need to do is attach the water carrier, connect the hoses, and dial in your desired temperature. There’s no need for pre-heating and you can even use it to wash dishes or make a hot drink. When you're done, it's simple to clean and store.

The maximum GPM of this camp shower is 1.3, which is lower than the other options we’ve looked at but is still adequate if you don’t mind less water pressure than you’d expect from a typical bathroom shower. It’s also easy to use and can be turned off with a touch of a button.

This portable propane shower system from Coleman is a good choice for anyone who wants the comfort of modern conveniences while camping outdoors. It's simple to assemble and comes with a sturdy carry bag. The propane tank will last for many camping trips and it’s backed by a limited manufacturer’s warranty.

Hike Crew

Roughing it doesn't have to mean going without some of life's normal comforts. With the Hike Crew, you can have a hot shower at your campsite and warm water for cooking, cleaning dishes, and washing hands. The unit works on propane and connects to a standard propane tank. It has an adjustable heat dial and an igniter to give you control over the flame. You can also use it as a stove to cook up meals.

Another bonus of the Hike Crew is its ability to heat water quickly and efficiently. It can deliver piping-hot water of up to 125 degrees within minutes! It is easy to use and doesn't require any complicated equipment or hookups. All you need is a bucket of water, a propane tank, and an outlet to plug in the unit.

Make the most of your camping trip by relaxing under this canopy. It blocks harsh sun rays and comes in a convenient carrying tote that makes it easy to set up anywhere. Whether you want to hang out at the beach, in the yard, or in your backyard, this canopy will help you stay comfortable. It is built of high-quality materials that will last for a long time.

If you're looking to save money on gas hot water systems, look no further than the 4WD Supacentre Voucher. With this voucher, you can get great deals on high-quality hot water systems that will help you save money on your energy bills. Whether you're looking for a tankless system or a traditional tank-based system, the 4WD Supacentre has you covered.

Mr Heater

The Mr. Heater Buddy is one of the cheapest and most effective portable propane heaters available. It is small, lightweight, durable, and very easy to use for campers of any experience level. It is also ideal for those who have limited space as the Buddy heater can fit in most glamping tents and other camping shelters. It can easily be used indoors and outdoors as it comes with a built-in swivel regulator that is compatible with either a 1-pound propane cylinder or a larger tank and hose.

In addition to being extremely versatile, the Buddy is also very efficient, consuming less than 12 a gallon of propane per hour at maximum heating power. This makes it a great choice for campers who prefer not to use up all of their propane supplies before the sun goes down or want to conserve energy by using lower heat settings.

Like all Mr. Heater products, the Buddy is equipped with industry-leading safety features including a tip-over shut-off and low oxygen sensor. However, it is still important to follow proper guidelines for propane use, making sure there is sufficient ventilation in your tent and never leaving a flame heater running unattended or around flammable objects such as furniture.

While the Buddy is a great choice for most campers, it does have its limitations and may not be right for everyone. It is not the best option for a large family tent as it only has one heat setting and cannot warm up an entire room. Additionally, the Buddy can be sensitive to movement and will shut off if it is moved too much. However, this can be overcome by simply keeping the heater upright when not in use.

Camp Chef

With a little bit of planning and ambition, camping trips can be as luxurious as you want. With the right camp kitchen setup, you can cook like a pro and enjoy meals that will make your trip memories last for a long time. A quality stove is a must, and this one from Camp Chef packs a lot of power into a portable design.

The company was founded in 1990 to make outdoor cooking more streamlined and convenient for campers. They started with propane stoves, and their line quickly grew to include pellet grills, outdoor ovens, and cast iron products. Now owned by Vista Outdoor, the brand continues to wake up every day thinking of new ways to improve the outdoor cooking experience for all its customers.

This two-burner design from Camp Chef offers a nice upgrade in power over the standard Coleman Triton or Eureka Ignite Plus stoves with 14,000 BTUs per burner, enough to cook most meals for a family of four. And because of its compact size and low weight, it fits easily into the back of a vehicle or on top of a camping table.

A major improvement over the original model is the addition of a smart WiFi PID controller, which can be monitored and controlled from anywhere with a mobile signal and a data connection on your phone or tablet. This gives you better control over the grill temperature, so you can get it as hot or as cool as you like and keep your food at exactly the right consistency.

It also allows you to set the smoke level from 1 to 10, which is great for those who enjoy a heavier smokiness than a traditional offset smoker can deliver. One note, though the large openings on the cooking grate can cause swirling winds to flutter around the burners, which can reduce their effectiveness.


A gas hot water system can be a convenient and reliable addition to any camping trip. With the right system, you can enjoy hot showers and clean dishes while enjoying the great outdoors. By considering factors such as size, weight, and fuel type, you can find the perfect system to suit your needs and enhance your camping experience.


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