The Best Pet Insurance Companies for Multiple Dogs

The best pet insurance companies for multiple dogs offer a variety of coverage options, flexible plans, and generous reimbursement rates. Using a free tool like Pawlicy Advisor, you can compare policies from top insurers (including multi-pet discounts) to find the right plan for your pets.

Figo is one of our favourite providers because of its low price, comprehensive coverage, and 100% reimbursement rate. It also offers a 5% discount when you enrol your second pet.


Figo stands out among the top dog insurance providers in this category with three plans that provide comprehensive coverage. These plans offer coverage for surgery, accidents, illnesses, chronic and congenital conditions, hereditary diseases, prescription medications, dental illnesses, acupuncture and alternative medicine, hip dysplasia, and cancer treatment. Unlike some pet insurance companies, Figo does not exclude pre-existing conditions or require medical records from 12 months before enrollment. The company also waives the deductible for lifesaving treatments and can pay your vet directly, which saves you money on the cost of copays.

Compared to other top dogs, Figo has a low premium and a wide range of coverage options. Their basic plan covers all the essentials like emergency care, surgery and hospitalization, X-rays, blood tests, CAT scans, MRIs, chemotherapy, rehabilitation, and acupuncture. It also includes hereditary and congenital diseases, hip dysplasia, cancer treatment, non-routine dental treatment, alternative and holistic therapies, and prosthetics.

Figo offers several add-on packages, called powerups, to customize the coverage of their insurance policies. The Extra Care Pack covers unique items such as boarding fees, lost pet advertising and reward costs, and vacation cancellation for an eligible pet. Another option is the Veterinary Exam Fees powerup, which covers exams and consultations required for the diagnosis or treatment of an illness or accident.


ASPCA pet insurance offers many benefits for owners of multiple pets. They offer a 10% discount for each additional pet on the policy, plus direct payment to vets and fast claims processing. They also offer a variety of plans, deductible options, and reimbursement percentage levels. They cover accidents and illnesses, but not preventive care like vaccinations or dental work. The company also has add-ons to cover alternative therapies, such as acupuncture and massage therapy. Unlike some other pet insurers, they don’t have an age limit on their plans.

Choosing the right plan for your pet requires careful consideration of your budget and the type of coverage you need. You should determine how much coverage you need to protect your pet from medical bills and how high a deductible you can afford. You should also decide whether to choose an accident-and-illness or an accident-only policy. The most comprehensive policies may cost more, but they can help you save money in the long run. Don't forget to explore our exclusive PETstock Coupon Code for potential savings on pet insurance and other pet care essentials.

ASPCA’s customer service is top-notch and their mobile app makes it easy to pay bills, submit and track claims, find a vet, and manage your policy on the go. Its website has a wealth of resources, including sample policies and a guide to understanding pet insurance. The company also donates a portion of its profits to charities that help animals. This is a big perk for animal lovers.

Pets Best

Pets Best is a well-established insurance company that has excellent reviews from customers. Their customer service is fast and responsive, which is a huge plus for many pet owners. They also offer a variety of benefits, including a mobile app that makes it easy to pay bills and submit claims. In addition to this, their veterinary direct pay feature is convenient and eliminates the need for you to have to wait for reimbursements.

PetsBest offers multiple coverage plans to suit different needs, such as accident and illness and wellness options. Its deductible choices are also competitive. Its annual payout limits can be customized, and it covers alternative treatments such as acupuncture. However, it does not cover preexisting conditions or elective procedures, such as spaying or neutering. Additionally, it doesn’t cover grooming, parasite treatment, or special diets. Its waiting period for accidents is three days, and for illness, it’s 14 days. PetsBest also has a six-month waiting period for cruciate ligament problems.

Pets Best has an extensive online website with information on its policies and a live chat option. Its claim processing takes seven to 14 days on average. Its affordable rates, customization options, and excellent reputation make it an excellent choice for many pet owners. It also offers discounts for military personnel and seniors. However, its premiums can rise as your pet gets older. Compare the company’s quotes with other providers on Pawlicy Advisor to find the best plan for your dog.


Lemonade offers a tech-forward approach to pet insurance. Their customizable policies provide comprehensive coverage and a range of riders, including dental illness coverage, annual wellness exams, and microchipping. They also offer a final expense rider, similar to life insurance for humans, to help pay for euthanasia, cremation, burial, and commemorative items. Lemonade takes a flat fee from each premium as profit and uses the rest to pay claims. They also donate any leftover funds to nonprofit organizations chosen by policyholders.

Lemonade is unique in that it uses AI to process its insurance claims. Unlike traditional insurance companies, they don’t require you to submit a physical copy of your vet bill and promise quick reimbursements. They also offer a range of add-ons to customize your plan, such as alternative treatments like acupuncture or chiropractic care and coverage for annual wellness visits.

They’re the best choice if you want an insurance company that provides annual limits that can be adjusted, flexible deductible options, and fast claim processing. However, they don’t review your pet’s medical history at enrollment, which can lead to a lengthy wait period if the pet has a pre-existing condition. This is a drawback, especially when compared to Healthy Paws and Embrace, which both review a pet’s medical history at the time of enrollment. Don't forget to explore our exclusive Pets Promo Code for potential savings on pet insurance and other pet-related services.


Pumpkin is a pet insurance company that offers one accident and illness plans for cats and dogs. Their plans do not have limits and they offer a 270-day timeframe for claims submissions and processing. This is shorter than most pet insurance companies on the market.

Pumpkin offers a 90-percent reimbursement rate on approved claims. However, unlike many pet insurance companies, they do not allow you to choose your reimbursement percentage. Instead, they will reimburse your vet for a specific amount, regardless of the total cost. They also don’t have a 24/7 pet telehealth line like some other providers.

To file a claim, you can do so by using Pumpkin’s online system. You’ll need to submit a scanned or photographed copy of your paid vet bill along with any related medical documents. Pumpkin’s website is easy to use and allows you to complete the entire process from start to finish. Direct deposit or check can be used to settle claims.

The company’s website is optimized for mobile devices. It includes a lot of information about the various coverage options and explains what is covered by each policy. It also features a live chat feature that’s available during business hours. The company’s customer service team is friendly and knowledgeable. They’re available by phone or email, and they can help you find a plan that suits your needs. Pumpkin also has a 30-day money-back guarantee, which is a great way to try the service before committing.


Spot offers a range of accident-only and accident & illness pet insurance plans with no per-incident or lifetime caps. They also offer a flexible annual limit option, no network restrictions, and the ability to visit any veterinarian in the country. Spot offers plans with no pre-existing condition exclusions, meaning any injury or illness that occurs or shows symptoms before coverage begins or during a waiting period will not be covered (except knee and ligament conditions). Spot can be offered as a voluntary benefit through direct bill or payroll deduction. They provide employer resources and engaging materials to support employee enrollment and retention.


When it comes to insuring multiple dogs, it's important to find a pet insurance company that offers customizable plans to fit your needs and budget. After researching various options, we recommend looking into companies such as Petplan, Healthy Paws and Embrace as they have a reputation for providing excellent coverage and customer service. Before making a choice, compare plans and read reviews.


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